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    I love water-colours…I miss you.

    I love water-colours…I miss you.

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    A bit slowed down, more acoustic take on the Katy Perry hit. I wanted to capture more of the emotion behind this beautiful song. Bedroom recording. Enjoy! :)

    Performed by: Shereen Ghali 
    Produced by: Mathias Szilvasi

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    I updated my tumblr stats
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    Nitro - Player Boy (feat. Pamela Bassil)

    Here’s the link  to a new track by Nitro, featuring Pamela Bassil.

    The beat was produced by me :)


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    My new song :D

    It’s a cover of Love the way you lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna.

    Featuring ma girl CL aka Clarissa Tagliari, Ghost and Choppa. Thanks guys! Great job!

    BTW I produced the beat:) Enjoy!

    PS: I know I’m the shit, so don’t you doubt me;)

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    Ebony Day heard my track:)

    She listen to the song I did for her earlier :D

    Here’s her response: @MSzilvasi HOLY CRAP!!!! thats amazing! your amazing! how did you do that :O your a genius <3 im just gonna go show my mum! :D

    Thnx Ebony!

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    I’m a left brain person…sortof

    I’m a left brain person…well sort of.

    To those who don’t know, pop physiology tells us that out brain is pretty black-and-white divided into left (math,logic) and right (art,music) halves. I tried taking a survey, and apparently I’m 60% left brained. I do not disagree. As much as I love music, I’ve always had a very analytical approach to it. Always trying to understand how it works. One thing I realize is the more I understand about music, the more I see through songs.

    Music(and pop music as well), to many people is a kind of untouchable thing. They know they love it, but don’t really know why, and have absolutely no clue as to how it is written. One of the biggest misconceptions is that music is all about feelings, all about inspiration, and that anyone can write a great song once they get magically inspired. While I agree, anyone can write great songs, I think it takes more than inspiration. In fact I think writing a song is not more than  20% inspiration. The rest Is a very much thought through process.

    I’m starting a series of posts here, in which I’m going to analyze all the different layers to a single song, and maybe you can experience songs you’ve known for a long time, in a completely new way :)

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    Hey! :)

    Just finished my project for Ebony Day’s competition. I decided to make a backing track for her original song

    Every Day We Summer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3zTt_KtBC4

    So here it is, fingers crossed, we’ll see if she likes it:)

    PS: this is a prime example of how I don’t work well with a lot of time. I had a month. I started working on the music this week:)

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    I should post more often…

    I should post more often. I know it’s way too early to be in a rut with my blog.So I decided I would post today:) Not that I have more to say than yesterday, but I do wanna be consistently posting.

    So I thought I’d post about the stuff I wanna post when I’m ready:) Here’s a list of stuff I wanna post about soon (I mean it, soon):

    1st: I’m working on a cover of ‘Love The Way You Lie’  featuring ma girl CL, Choppa, and Ghost. I hope to finish it by next week.

    2nd: I wanna do an entry for a contest Ebony Day (http://www.youtube.com/user/ebonyday1) is organizing:) No more details here, just that I got to finish by November 4th…

    3rd: I’m going to do a blog series here on analyzing music, the layers to it, what makes hits sound so “pro” :)

    4th: I’m gonna record a couple of acoustic covers of pop songs with a yet-to-be-disclosed certain someone;)

    5th: I produced a track for NITRO, a local rapper. Once he’s done with the vocals, I’m definitely posting it here.

    6th: THIS IS BIG! It’s gonna be the NEXT BIG THING. Hip hop track featuring an all-star cast: Ehab and moi with help from some friends:) Gonna rock YouTube:D

    So yeah :) That’s my upcoming list as of today. I wanna get them done ASAP, till then, enjoy your day/night ;)